Vectric Aspire 4.0 [Progress Thread] Here We Come! – [BASiQ]

Vectric Aspire 4.0 [Progress Thread] Here We Come! – [BASiQ] download full program, free, direct link, crack, serial, keygen, license original, torrent, rapidshare, mediafire, putlocker, MEGA
So… We cracked 2.5. We cracked 3.0. We cracked 3.5. We cracked 3.504… Now it’s 4.0’s turn!


Through the efforts of an elite team of members here at WBB we have been fortunate enough the FIRST and ONLY source for the ENTIRE Vectric Line… It’s been over a year now we have been able to sit back and use our beloved software, but they entice us back out with a new version =)

So… Begins the coordination. Looking for donators, sources, crackers (looks at Nemo) and people to help with the process if getting it all together. As with before, donators will be receiving 4.0 in advance but also like before, it will eventually be released to the public because it’s what we do…

To those of you who have donated and those of you who commented in the 3.5 thread after the donations were closed I will be sending you a PM asking for donations. As always, donating is not required, but it is appreciated.

PM me with anything related to this, I check it often

You can also send an email to Image [email protected]

More updates coming.


ImageUpdate 1: 2%

Thanks to Them123 for our first donation! We are on our way to the next Aspire!

Bold names are either second time donors, or gave a larger then average amount.

Norminators (first time donators, we still appreciate you!)














Badassinators (those who have donated more then once or a large amount)










We are now 100% of the way! Come on gang! If we each gives a small amount and we can have this done!

ImageUpdate 2: 39%

It’s such an amazing sight to see past donors like cncdude, them123, whatanob and so on assisting for the second time. This kind of teamwork gives me encouragement that this project will likely be at 100% by the end of the month!

ImageUpdate 3: 52%

Donations are moving at a brisk pace, a welcome sight if we want to finish this by the end of the month! Thanks to all the current donors and those considering donating, know it’s a worth while investment, not only do you get it first, but if we don’t make enough, no one gets 4.0… So it’s a Win, Win situation! No one is required to, but it is appreciated by us all!

ImageUpdate 4: 76%

Special thanks to Them123 and Black8898 for their SECOND round of donations this campaign. Makes me feel bad that it’s come down to previous donators of the SAME campaign needing to donate twice. There are 3,000,000 members in this forum, around 40 people said thanks in my “Aspire” threads. Who knows HOW many other have downloaded. I hate to be the nagging member always asking for donations but think of it as an investment. If not, I guess we will continue into next month. On a happy note, 76% yall!

ImageUpdate 5: 82%

Bam! 82%. Climbing faster than a new Taylor swift single on an iTunes music chart xD Thanks to all our current donors, you know who you are! To all donors. I think to show appreciation to the you all, we are going to move the deadline for “public release” from one month, to two months. Current donors leave your thoughts in the topic below.

ImageUpdate 6: 87%

I want to take this moment to bring to light an exemplary member. black8898. This person has donated THREE times, all three times being what I would call “Above average amounts”. I really do feel terrible that one member had to give so much to achieve our goals. But at the same time it gives me great pride that there are member willing to give so selflessly. I only hope more members who have not yet donated take this persons example and follow it.

Edit: Ditto this ^ but for KeeWay also xD

ImageUpdate 7: 90.50%

So, we have finally made it to the doorstep of home base. We are at $370 in the account. If someone puts in another $10 I will cover the final amount. God knows I use the program more then enough so its no big deal. I would prefer the last $10 to NOT come from a multiple-times previous donor, and if you have more then two donations, I FORBID you from donating again lol. I don’t want so few to have to shoulder so much. Let someone else cover it, if we really can not raise $10 from someone who has not given so damn much, then well…?

ImageUpdate 8: 100%

Big thanks to VeryOldMan for our final donation, he gave more then required and it is greatly appreciated. Welcome to the elite group of Badassinators =) As a perk, I have decided that those in the Badassinators group are eligible for a free upgrade to 5.0 when it comes out (if you do not wish to donate when the time comes).

But yeah, 100%. Now begins the hard part xD Keep you all posted when we find things out.

ImageUpdate 10: 100%

Progress is being made, for more information keep an eye out on the end of this thread for the newest updates. I would post them here, but this post is getting cluttered if I keep going =) Vectric Aspire 4.0 [Progress Thread] Here We Come! – [BASiQ] download full program, free, direct link, crack, serial, keygen, license original, torrent, rapidshare, mediafire, putlocker, MEGA


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